Master of Roulette



Theoretically, the house advantage is the amount of money the casino is making for itself, while the rest of it is given back to the players by paying out their wins. As you know European roulette has, on the table layout and on the actual roulette wheel, the 37 numbers from zero to 36. Of these 37 numbers the 36 (one-36) are colored black or red and the zero is colored green. The green zero symbolizes the house edge. And I say it symbolizes and not it is the house edge because if we want, we can freely bet on the zero and get a profit from it.

But the point is, that although the roulette wheel and table have 37 numbers and 37 discrete possible outcomes, we are paid as if it had only 36. This means that our payout in a case of a win is 1/37, which equals 2.7% lower that it should.

What is called average expectation, reasons as follows : no matter what is your roulette strategy, the house advantage cannot be negated. It is always there no matter what combination of bets you choose.

Let's say, for example, that you bet $5 on zero and $20 on two dozens. This is 68% probability of winning. But let's calculate the risk/reward relation. You have 1/37 chance of winning $135 for the zero, a 24/37 chance of winning $15 for the two dozens, and 12/37 chance of losing $45 for the third dozen. The overall expected return or expected value is: [(1/37)*135 + (24/37)*15 - (12/37)*45] all divided by 45, which equals a -2.7%.

It proves that the player disadvantage is there, steady at -2.7% on every bet. It means that in the long run, over many, many bets for every $1 bet, the casino will make 2.7% of that money. The more people that play and bet, the more money they make, that is why the casino would give away free food, free entertainment, free drinks..

The live casinos require you to bet every spin. If you miss one or two spins, depending on what type of player you are, meaning beginner, above average or "frequent," a beginner will probably not get a reaction from the dealer. Above average will get a warning. A frequent (Pro) will be told he MUST bet every spin.

When you play with discipline a very well-thought-out roulette system and apply the strategy, you might be in a good session. The common ways the Casino tries to stop it, are changing the dealer, changing the ball, delay the spins, wait for the players to bet before the ball is spun.

And they can also stop your play, assign you a host, and gave you the VIP treatment. Free everything, the best seat in the house, very close to the stage to watch the show. They know well when it is cheaper for the casino to have you there than at the table.

The casino can tell what type of player you are. Players with an advantage of winning can also be banned. You don't have to have a system or method. If you win consistently, they may refuse your patronage and charge you with trespassing.

It means that how you play makes the difference. All these parameters : Roulette strategies, progressions, bet selections, stop loss, personal permanence, trigger events, bet selection make difference and offer advantages.

Moral of the story : stay under the radar, play in accordance with the casino's expectations, like 1.00 chips and a goal of 200.00 per session, instead of 2,000.00.