Master of Roulette



For me, thinking about Vegas means, enjoying the company of friends or family, doing the tourist things, like shopping, site seeing, eating, bowling, etc., definitely no gambling.

In roulette, instinct plays a role. It's knowing what strategy to play after a few spins pass.
In any other use, it becomes intuitive play and it has it's place. It's called gambling. In gambling, the players always lose money and the casinos always make money. This, even when players have a winning streak based on luck. "Always remind that luck doesn’t last forever, and will eventually run out and make you lose everything you have".

I never quite understood the meaning of intuitive play until I watched a student player break the rules of engagement. His rationale, or lack there of, was to rely on a feeling that a particular trend will come in, based on his observations. Needless to say, he lost and continues to lose. There is no hope for anyone who cannot follow instructions.

It does take mental preparation to be in the game. Without mental stamina, the player is doomed. Pursing any endeavor without mental preparation may hinder or slow down the process of achieving one's goal, even failure

Gambling is not a social endeavor. It is a solitary journey that relies on the individual's skills to survive, harnessing new ones along the way. Roulette is a solitary game, at least for me. I do not socialize with people in the casino environment.

I treat roulette gambling as a business. So, you see the sheep mentality is necessary for the wolf to thrive. The pro enters a casino to take a portion of what the amateur had left behind.

In this business, a player has to pay his dues by investing, studying, and learning. Imagine, you become a successful roulette player. Would you go to a public roulette forum and say you are winning ? Like you, I am not inclined to share my concepts publicly.

I have learned through experience that it takes a certain kind of individual to understand new concepts, It may takes a long time to warm up to new ideas but It's always nice to know that there are others who share the same passion. I felt like I was on an island in the middle of the ocean with no human in sight. I had all this knowledge and no one to share what was on my mind… Nice peace of mind to know that I have created the Club, a group of players who speak the same language

The Club is the place i want to welcome you in. And teaching all my knowledges who I believe may grasp the concepts, is an art. Certain criteria have to be met, not all qualify. At this level questions will be asked and some additional conditions determine who can start such a numerus clausus study and who can not.

Can save his time, anyone who :

  • Want something for nothing
  • Is looking for a get rich quickly scheme
  • Is a compulsive gambler or is desperate for money
  • Have legal troubles or financial issues
  • Is self-absorbed, egotistical, uncouth, dishonest, and lies
  • Have major leaks in your life (alcohol, drugs, lazy, to name a few)

Is welcome to go further, anyone who :

  • Has self-discipline, integrity, and respect
  • Can follow Instructions and stick to the plan

The idea of someone buying a roulette system can brings a negative connotation to one's mind, and quickly deem it unworthy of consideration. It may brings fear to players' minds because they do not want to be taken advantage by someone. Sadly, when a real opportunity presents itself, a person may turn down a chance of a lifetime. Courage will overcome fear; and doors will open. All one has to do, is knock.

I will share with you the secrets of the casinos and show you, as a professional roulette player, how to set yourself up as the casino, and how to use the Casino proficient business model to win at roulette. A revolutionary way to trade the roulette, made of trading rules and sequencing patterns

When studying the art of roulette, players who practice daily, will have instinctive moments, recognizing patterns becomes second nature. You will learn a new way to study the wheel, to trade only when you identify the algorithm that is being produced, the pattern will dictate which Strategy to use. Being able to turn the statics edge in your favor and control your emotions by following the strategy.

Artificial Intelligence can recognize patterns that most humans cannot process. AI can pick up patterns and sequences that most humans can only process in the subconscious mind. The patterns are subtle and described as instinctive.

The power of the subconscious mind provides the roulette professional the means to be very successful. A professional roulette player can see ball movement when the conscious mind knows every number position on the wheel head. The subconscious mind works interchangeably with the conscious mind to predict which group of numbers or number will have the optimum probability of coming in within a certain amount of spins.

There is no question to focus on one or two strategies at a time, even though you can be armed with thousands of strategies. You will practice and exercise the mental synapses of your brain that strategies and commit it to memory, until it becomes second nature. You will execute the plan and stick to the rules of engagement, whether you reach your win goal or stop loss.

Whichever method you use in a session, do not switch, so that the reference point is constant. It allows the player to be totally focused. There are a few who can mentally track more than one strategy. However, it you want optimum results, per session, I recommend focusing on one strategy.

Whether you use the last section or ball release point as your reference, it does not matter, because both options uses a specific parameter to gauge trend analysis. Overtime, each approach will "experience success and lack of success at various times." Lack of success does not mean failure. It means losses are inevitable, but can be controlled by set guidelines. Winning also has its guidelines.

You will focus on the right strategy and betting approach, not the need to make money. Why? Money comes as a result of consistent optimal decisions.

The house advantage is a minor issue compared with much more important issues the roulette player has to deal with. Like the variance of the expected average of spin outcomes.

Every spin is independent and nothing is due and extreme variations from the average even after thousands of spins are perfectly normal. The main reason for the losses of most serious and thoughtful roulette players is the variance from the average. The difference between theoretical expectations and actual outcomes. The extreme fluctuations.

Its amazing how sharp your mind becomes when you practice every day AK Method. A sharp mind makes for better decisions. Better decisions lead to success. When a player is faced with multiple trends and have the ability recognize what type of trends they are dealing with, only then can the player choose the optimum path to success. That time, you will say to yourself, "zero is coming in on the next spin." Zero will show up. That's the power of the subconscious mind. Study the map of the wheel head using AK Method. Your subconscious mind will produce a power beyond your imagination.

At least, enough tools to overcome a 10 or 20% disadvantage due to variance. Compare it to that, the 2.7% is peanuts.

The most important thing that a serious roulette player is searching for is, The ability to make profits on a daily basis with no fear of losing. You must be confident in your strategy, carrying through with your plan to be successful.

The motto seems to be, once the player finds something that works for him, he doesn't change anything, even though they have thousands of strategies to choose from.
It does not matter how long one has been studying roulette. What matters is the information retained from all that studying. I have developed my strategies for specific roulette rules and betting ranges so there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to betting schemes. Thus, my best advice is to look at the Strategy Book and choose the one that best suits your playing style. Players, Welcome to the Club.