Master of Roulette



You want to be a professional roulette player ?

"No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking."
A. Einstein

Impossible? I am a numbers person. "There must be a way".

Sometimes when I tell people that the way I generate income, the way I build my wealth is by playing at the roulette, some of them look at me funnily and they go, "Hey, isn’t that gambling ?" Absolutely. If you are playing roulette because you are having fun, I suggest you keep your day job.

What kind of person would risk all or part of their finances in hopes of turning a profit, a person who understands business. If you do not approach roulette like a business, you are just a recreational roulette player.

There is not, and there can never be, any mathematical proof that a roulette strategy cannot be profitable.

The well known house edge in roulette is a reality. The roulette player, every time he wins, is being paid 2.7% less than he should. And even if it doesn't make it easier, that is by no means proof that he cannot be profitable with the right strategy. So you can think of the house edge as a minimal 2.7% tax automatically applied on your won money every time you win. Of course, taxes decrease your profit but they can't stop you being profitable.

Saying you cannot win at roulette just because there is a 2.7% house advantage or player disadvantage is like saying you can’t be profitable in business because you have to pay taxes. It is not only wrong. It’s a contradiction.

Roulette cannot be beaten by pure mathematics, instead, roulette can be conquered by the world of probability, data analytics, and significant statistics. It's not a pure science, however, the approach will surprisingly produce consistent results, much like today's weather predictions.

Understand it is possible to lose some or all of the money you wager at any gambling establishment, legal or otherwise. Like in all business investments, there are risks involved, roulette is no different. When facing with multiple trends, having the ability to recognize what type of trends is dealing with will allows to choose the optimum path to success. Only the right strategy and betting approach will produce winning results.

What most roulette players fail to realize is that having a winning strategy does not mean it is easy to make money. The player actually have to work. It is a grind. It requires a lot of patience, analyzing, and executing the strategy. It's mentally taxing on the brain. In some cases, it harder than working 9 to 5. On the upside, it's sure beats working for some else.

A life changing experience may mean something different to each individual, one thing for certain, I can present a life changing experience to anyone who so desires. I passed up many careers in my life, professional football player, professional poker player, and for 20 years a business leader. My investment of money, time, and education has finally come to fruition.

I am AK a master of roulette, best decision ever.

"Education is not the learning of facts, but training the mind to think."
A. Einstein

Looking for a mentor in roulette is like making a bet on the roulette table, so many people who pretend to be and so many strategies presented as the Holy Grail.

Fortunately I have always been very keen in spotting the experts in their domains, and learning from the bests pushed me to combine my skills in trading with the way I see the roulette. Does it mean teaching you others else’s work ? No, it means that I have created an original idea, an innovation who will help each one of you understand how to rig the game like successful professional traders rig the stock market. How you can beat the roulette, even known you have to pay its due to the Casino.

I can teach someone, from beginning to end, informations which took many years to develop. I worked hard to build a system so I don't have to work hard.

What do you think the Holy Grail of roulette is worth ? It may be worth less than you think, at best, the price of a college education.

I value my time and the years I had to study to be in that profession. More importantly, I respect my worth. It's not about greed. My time is precious to me. If anyone wants to learn anything, they need to consider the value of what they are seeking, college education, technical skills, or roulette skills, etc., what is your worth ?

For most, it's working full time and supplementing the income by playing on the weekends or after work, for a few playing a few hours everyday, for others playing full time, 8 hours a day. What's yours ?

AK METHOD in his full process requires a strong foundation, which includes memorization of the number sequences on the wheel head, it's section and position, the correlation and relationship to the layout. It is a map. It is a language, a philosophy, and a tool. Without it you may lose your way. Ask yourself, "How serious are you, when it comes to roulette ?"

Only deliberate self-control and discipline will conquer fear and greed, and the psychological perspectives given by THE RULES OF ENFAGEMENT is that what drives a successful player :

  • Follow the strategy and stick to the plan
  • Choose the right time to bet
  • Use stop loss and stop win
  • Money Management
  • Don’t be greedy, A win is a win
  • Never be emotional
  • Equanimity

One can possess the Holy Grail of strategies. What good is it, if the rules of engagement is not followed as it was designed ? Without it, you will be a loser, no matter what strategy you use